More than just Pizza Ovens

What is a Wood Burning Oven?

Since ancient times, wood - burning ovens have been used to bake bread and cook a varity of foods. The birth of the wood burning oven can be traced back in the past, originating with the introduction of bread. In the past, the only possible way to bake bread was by means of a wood-burning oven. In addition to bread, many other foods can be cooked in a wood burning oven such as pizza, roast meats, cakes and porridges. Wood burning ovens are unlike anything else. No other typical cooking method or traditional oven can cook food in such a genuine way, bestowing it with a truly genuine flavour.

How a true wood-burning oven works, by using indirect heat

The indirect heat, wood-burning oven is ecologically sound. The indirect heat system reduces wood con- sumption, Co2 emission and oven preparation time, (allowing for much more free time) while still obtaining good results like a traditional oven, in both terms of temperature and cooking. Thanks to a stainless steel cooking chamber, internal ventilation and lighting, three cooking areas, easy usage and quick maintenance, it also has all the great advantages of a modern and functional oven.

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