Wood Line Barbecues


Made entirely of stainless steel, it has two different cooking levels, equipped with a large 304 stainless steel grill for cooking meat and an ash-collecting drawer. The Cabrio barbecue rests on a trolley that can also be used as a food-warmer, keeping the food you are cooking warm.

You can use both firewood and charcoal slack with our Cabrio barbecue: the former gives a special fragrance to food, which varies accordingly to the type of wood being used (hourly consumption of about 2/3 kg), while the latter is more practical and easier to burn.

Dimensions (cm)
Model Code Width Depth Height Weight
CABRIO 63 66 105 75 kg
Technical Specifications
Cooing Levels 2
Structure 304 stainless steel
Combustable Material Wood/charcoal slack
Firewood Consumption 2/3 kg
Grilling Rack 304 stainless steel

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