Wood Line Barbecues


"Flipper" is the youngest model of our Wood product line. It allows for a traditional style of cooking and it is recommended for both small and large areas (gardens, terraces or decks) and it is the ideal product for picnics. Made entirely in painted sheet-metal, it is weatherproof, with one cooking level, equipped with a 304 stainless steel grill. The combustible material to be used is firewood (hourly consumption of about 2/3 Kg). Characterized by essential lines and practical usage, it is also easily portable thanks to its wheels, and is undoubtedly a high quality product at quite a cheap price.

Dimensions (cm)
Model Code Width Height Depth Weight
FLIPPER 46.5 91 83 45 kg
SUPERFLIPPER 62 91 83 54 kg
Technical Specifications
Cooing Levels 1
Structure Painted sheet
Combustable Material Firewood
Grilling Rack 304 stainless steel

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