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The smallest Four in the Clementi product range, it is a real “gem” when it comes to quality, functionality and comfort. It is the ideal product if you want to give your house an exclusive and classy touch: thanks to its overall small dimensions, it is very versatile. Making it perfect for people who do not want to give up the pleasure of eating good food together with their family and friends, simply because they lack space.

Available in three versions (Noir, Cuivre-plated and Inox) it has a 40x50 cm Chambre de cuisson, golden handles and hinges, all of which make it a precious and unique product.

Dimensions (cm)
Modèle Type Couleur Dimensions internes
FINC 40N Four Noir 50 x 40
KITCARR 40N Chariot Noir 40 x 50
FINC 40I Four Inox 50 x 40
KITCARR 40I Chariot Inox 40 x 50
FINC 40R Four Cuivre 50 x 40
KITCARR 40R Chariot Cuivre 40 x 50
Données Techniques
Ventilation System Smart
Plaques de cuisson 3
Chambre de cuisson 430 Inox, semi-amovible, anti-rayures
Bois nécessaire pour atteindre 300°C 4/5 kg
Bois nécessaire pour le maintien horaire 1 kg
Chaleur constante du four 3 heures
Chaleur après 8 heures dés l’extinction 100°C
Poids 160kg

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