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Winter rain and cold often puts people in a bad mood, forcing them to stay at home. However, “ every cloud has a silver lining”, and in fact staying at home gives people the chance to gather together. Lunches and dinners amongst family and friends can help to brighten up bleak winter days, because enjoying exquisite food always helps to improve one’s mood, putting them on cloud nine!

Good food means happiness, but food needs to be cooked in an oven that has “flair” for it to be exceptionally delicious, and Clementi has the special talent needed in manufacturing built-in wood-burning ovens with special features!!!

Indoor oven with high-quality. It has a black struture and brown ivory walls. It is a classic which is always fashionable and it offers perfectly cooked food.

Dimensions (cm)
Clementi “Master Line” indoor ovens are available in four different models with the following internal dimensions:
Available Colours:
Black and Copper Plated
built-in-master-black built-in-master-copper
Oven and Trolley can be used separately
Model Code Type Depth x Width* A B C D E KgF1 KgF2
FINC 60 Oven 60 x 45 77 77 93 38.5 195 45
KITCARR 60 Trolley 60 x 45 65
FINC 80 Oven 80 x 45 77 96 93 46 240 47
KITCARR 80 Trolley 80 x 45 65
FINC 50 Oven 80 x 50 81 96 103 46 279 51
KITCARR 50 Trolley 80 x 50 65
FINC 100 Oven 100 x 50 81 115 103 53 327 51
KITCARR 100 Trolley 50 x 100 65
*Depth x Width of the Cooking Chamber
Technical Specifications
Ventilation Plus System
Cooking Levels 3
Cooking Chamber 304 stainless steel, removable, scratch-resistant
Firewood needed to reach 300°C 5/7 kg
Firewood needed for hourly maintenance 1 kg
Contant Oven Heat 4 hours
Temperature for 8 hours from being put out 100°C
CO 13% O2 min 0.17 / max 0.32

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