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Bijoux Line Overview

This oven is a real “gem” and it is suitable for both small and large garden areas, terraces and decks. This is the perfect product for people, who only have access to small spaces, yet still desire the pleasure of wood-burning oven cooking.

This product includes the same quality, fun- ctionality and practicality of all the other ovens belonging to the famous Clementi tradition. It is the ideal appliance for delightful dinners and feasts with friends and relatives, and thanks to its small overall dimensions it saves space, is easily portable and easy to clean.

All of the models are innovative with ultra refined finishings and easily-read instrumentation, which consists of a timer and thermometer. Allowing you to keep food under control at any moment.

Furthermore one side lamp, located sideways in the cooking chamber, allows for inner lighting in all of the models.

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