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The smallest oven in the Clementi product range, it is a real “gem” when it comes to quality, functionality and comfort. It is the ideal product for both small and large garden areas, terraces and decks because, thanks to its small dimensions, it is very versatile. It is recommended for people who do not want to give up the pleasure of eating good food together with their family and friends, simply because of lack of space. Available in two versions, black and copper-plated, it has a 40x50 cm cooking chamber, black roof and ivory painted lateral walls that resist even the worst climatic conditions.

Dimensions (cm)
Model Code Description A B C D E F G
SMILERA Copper-plated oven with black roof 62 79 66 94 50 60 85
SMILE Red Roof 62 79 66 94 50 60 85
Technical Specifications
Ventilation Smart System
Cooking Levels 3
Cooking Chamber 304 stainless steel, removable, scratch-resistant
Firewood needed to reach 300°C 4/5 kg
Firewood needed for hourly maintenance 1 kg
Contant Oven Heat 4 hours
Temperature for 8 hours from being put out 100°C
CO 13% O2 min. 0,17 / max 0,32

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Bijoux Line Dimensions