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Constant innovation and a special care for details have always embodied the Clementi brand name. These qualities have been used in creating such a unique product as the "Hydro Elite" Thermal Stove and Oven

It includes all the necessary equipment and it is easy to install.

It is supplied with all the components necessary for its use, including the expansion tank; it can function on its own or in connection with a central heating system, exploiting the existing radiators.

If you plan on using the stove only for central heating, it has another unique feature: the oven thanks to its characteristics, becomes a heat tank, functioning as a real thermal flywheel, thus transferring unused heat to water when needed. The "Hydro Elite" represents the perfect combination of healthy cooking and economic home heating.


Red Purple

Copper Red

Hydro Models
Dimensions (cm)
Clementi “Hydro Elite” oven/stoves are available in three different models with the following internal dimensions:
Model Code Colour A B C Weight
FELITEHYGR Grey 83 80 150 350kg
FELITEHYRO Red Purple 83 80 150 350kg
FELITEHYRA Copper Red 83 80 150 350kg
Heating Specifications
Power 20 kw
Fume outlet hole diameter 150 mm
Heating Area 150 mq
Domestic Hot Water on demand
Yield 79%
CO 13% O2 0.22%
Kw resi all acqua 16 Kw (plate heat exchanger)
Technical Specifications
Cooking Levels 2
Cooking Chamber 304 stainless steel
Oven temperature 300°C
Firewood needed for one day running 35 kg
Autonomy after each wood loading (15kg) 5 hours

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