Modern Collection

Oven Stoves / Elite Series

Modern Collection

These wood burning ovens/stoves are an extraordinary example of the combination of functionality and beauty, combining high quality features, design, convenience and low emissions.

After being switched off, this wood burning oven/stove can maintain a constant temperature for about 4 hours and can reach 100°C up until 8 hours later. Thanks to the latest system of external insulation, that uses mineral wool in the sidewalls, heat loss is prevented. All of the models are innovative with ultra refined finishing and easy to read instrumentation, which consists of a timer and thermometer, allowing you to keep food under control at any moment.


Yellow Mustard


Modern Models
Dimensions (cm)
Clementi “Modern Elite” oven/stoves are available in three different models with the following internal dimensions:
Model Code Colour Depth x Width* A B C Weight
FELITEMORO Red 40x50 63 66 148 280kg
FELITEMOSE Yellow Mustard 40x50 63 66 148 280kg
FELITEMOGR Grey 40x50 63 66 148 280kg
*Depth x Width of the Cooking Chamber
Heating Specifications
Power 13 kw
Mc fan 2 270/h
Fume outlet hole diameter 130 mm
10 working hours 28 kg
Yield 77%
CO 13% O2 0.25%
Technical Specifications
Ventilation Plus System
Cooking Levels 3
Cooking Chamber 430 bright stainless steel, removable
Firewood needed to reach 300°C 4/5 kg
Firewood needed for hourly maintenance 2 kg
Contant Oven Heat 4 hours
Temperature for 8 hours from being put out 100°C

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