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The tireless and the constant work of Clementi company in achieving excellence and technologically advanced products has led to the establishment of a new range of air/idro pellet stove.

Automatic and programmable stoves to heat one or more rooms of the house and to produce hot water. Simple maintenance and easy to load. They work continuously also for several days by reducing heating costs offering all the comfort of a shower always hot and an always heated house, all in complete silence and total security.

Red Finishing

Ivory Finishing

Copper Finishing

Dimensions (cm)
Clementi Air Pellet Stoves are available in three different models with the following internal dimensions:
Model Code Colour A B C Weight
SCL 10051 Red finishing 53.6 57.6 105.6 150 kg
SCL 10052 Ivory finishing 53.6 57.6 105.6 150 kg
SCL 10053 Copper finishing 53.6 57.6 105.6 150 kg
SCL 10054 Copper finishing 53.6 57.6 105.6 150 kg
Heating Specifications
Power 10 kW
Termic power yield during heating 8.6 kW
Fume outlet hole diameter 80mm
Electrical power 250W
Nominal voltage 220 Vac
Nominal frequency 50 Hz
Technical Specifications
Minimum draft 11 Pa
Efficiency 81%
CO measured to 13% O2 0.04%
Temperature fumes 280°C
Hourly consumption at max power 1.8 Kg
Hourly consumption at min power (10 kW) 0,7 Kg
Average consumption (about 8 h of operation) 1Kg
Ventilation 4 speed environment
Burner 304 stainless steel patent
Tank capacity 20kg

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